School Prospectus

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Sixth Form Booklet
Application Form


Board of Governors

Annual School Report

School Development Plan

Other Documents

Letters from the Principal

          Letter to all parents: End of School Year & Information for Next Year - June 2017

          Letter to all parents: Uniform Pack - June 2017

          Letter to new Year 8 Parents: Induction Meeting
              Attachments with letter:
                                  School Attendance Matters: A Parents Guide - DENI
                                  Miss School, Miss Out Leaflet - DENI
                                  Letter from the PE Department: PE Kit and Safety information
                                  Summer Project Leaflet: My Life So Far
                                  Supporting Learning in Key Stage 3 - Literacy: A Parents Guide
                                  Numeracy Year 8 Parent Information and Support Leaflet
                                  Supporting Learning in Key Stage 3 - Numeracy: A Parents Guide
                                  Supporting Young People Online: Inforamtion and Advice for Parents and Carers - Childnet
                                  Family Agreement Advice - Childnet
                                  Family Agreement Template - Childnet

          Letter to all parents: Music Gala Concert for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations

          Letter to all parents: Election of Parents' Representative to the Board of Governors
              Attachments with letter:
                                  Procedure for Appointing a Parent Representative
                                  Becoming a School Governor Booklet - DENI

          Letter to all parents: Attendance and Updated Signing In and Out Procedures
              Attachments with letter:
                                  Student Leave of Absence Form

          Letter to all parents: Extended Schools - October 2016
              Attachments with letter:
                                  Extended Schools Programme