Travel and Tourism

Teaching Staff

Travel and Tourism is an applied A Level and is currently offered at Post 16 at both AS and A2 Level.


A Level

AS Level:

Unit 1: The Travel & Tourism Industry
(Externally assessed)

You will learn about the nature, characteristics, development, scale and structure of the travel and tourism industry. This unit provides the underpinning knowledge to support all other units.

Unit 2: The Travel & Tourism Customers
(Internally assessed)

You will explore customer service issues. You will examine the skills, knowledge and understanding required to deliver, monitor and improve customer service.

Unit 3: Destinations Europe (Internally assessed)

You will look at European destinations. Investigating where they are located, the features that give them popularity and appeal and the transport routes that link the destination to the traveller.


Unit 7: The Travel & Responsible Tourism
(Externally assessed)

You will look at sustainable, green and ethical tourism. You will learn about how tourism is developed and how potential positive and negative impacts of tourism can be managed.

Unit 8: Current Travel & Tourism Issues
(Internally assessed)

The unit requires you to plan, carry out and present a research project on a current travel and tourism-related issue

Unit 10: Promotion and Marketing in the Travel & Tourism Industries (Externally assessed)

You will look at the features of promotion and marketing and how travel organisations combine these concepts to target specific customers.


An A Level in Travel & Tourism is highly recognised by universities and employers in a wide range of different disciplines. Many students go to gain employment at airports working for airlines and ground staff.  Some are working within various tour operators in the UK.  Others have found employment on management training schemes in the hospitality industry.  Many students choose to go onto to Higher Education to study a range of tourism related degrees.