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Key Stage 3 & 4

Variety of activities taught, encompassing a wide range of games and individual activities. This will help to increase the pupils cognitive and physical development as well as appreciating the values of teamwork, co-operation, leadership, aesthetic appreciating and fair play.

Activities include football, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, cross country, track and field athletics and orienteering. In addition year 8 pupils will complete a swimming programme at the local pool.

All key stage 3 pupils will participate in a fitness and well being programme to increase awareness of leading a healthy active lifestyle.


The GCSE PE course is a popular and successful course which follows the EDEXCEL course. This involves both theory and practical concepts. The theory tasks involve an understanding of nutrition, training methods and principles and physiological effects of exercise on the body, as well as an awareness of diet and its effects on performance. The practical elements are wide ranging and take into account the fitness and skill level of the pupil in each activity. The practical element makes up 50% of the course.

A Level

The OCR A-level PE course has also been a popular and successful course in which a vast majority of pupils go on to partake Sports related degree courses at University. This course looks deeper into Anatomy and Physiology topics as well as Sports Psychology and the History of Sport. The practical element is assessed through skills and abilities in two activities.

Extra Curricular


There are many extra-curricular sport in School, click on the links below to find out more:


There are several job opportunities for those who are interested in sport:

You can read more about some of the possible careers on the documents below:

     A day in the life of a...
             Fitness Instructor
             Sports Nutritionist
             Sports Therapist
             Woman's Sports Development Officer