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Key Stage 3

Content includes:

Graded Objectives in Modern Languages

At Key Stage 3, pupils are entered for CCEA Online Language Assessment (OLA) at Entry 2, 3 and Level 1.


A Level

French and Spanish are offered at AS and A2 level.

AS Level:

     Context 1: Relationships
     Context 2: Health and Lifestyle
     Context 3: Young People and Society

A2 Level:

     Context 4: Local and Global Citizenship
     Context 5: Environmental Awareness


Recent surveys show that language graduates are less likely to be unemployed than those in other disciplines.

Today's global economy means that businesses and corporations all over the world are keen to recruit people with language skills.

Employers not only value an employee's ability to communicate in another language, but also the excellent communication and interpersonal skills language students develop during their studies.

Modern Language Graduates have a wide choice of careers open to them.  They may pursue careers closely related to the language, such as interpreting, translating or teaching but they will also find that qualifications in a modern language are useful in many other fields, amongst the most common of which are travel and tourism, finance, sales and marketing, management services, journalism, public relations, ICT, Law, or administrative institutions of the European Union.


     CCEA: French
     CCEA: Spanish
     AQA: French
     AQA: A-Level Spanish